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«The more exigent client is, the better the result»
Zhanna Karelina
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The style of life
Classical fusion
Classic of life
Warm sand and wind wandering
White gold
Cream polish
The Italian accent
Let everything be in chocolate

An interior created in art-deco style. The color pattern was made in cold shades matching different rooms and making the space look stylish. There’s a great open space in the living room. Well-organized system of the furniture — the sofas and a couple of armchairs, a cozy fireplace and a great TV-set made the atmosphere in the room relaxing.

A unique silver-framed mirror , strict geometry of the curtains and a long bedside-table, matching pillows pattern, the whole interior color set show us — it’s stylish and extravagant art-deco. The dining room keeps the atmosphere of the kitchen. The glass cupboards gracefully follow the main concept. Of course, it’s a beautiful and convenient way to save the luxurious housewares.

Rich dining room and bedroom light keeps the art-deco styling decision . There’s also a ‘living room’ pattern here. This way the interior became a balanced and completed one.

A project for a successful businessman family. Working on the project, we reasoned everything out, it was important to make the interior not only trendy and cozy but also the most functional.

Present-day dynamic contemporary style helped us to realize the project. The preference was given to the expensive and natural materials. Won’t you agree that natural wood, leather and nubuck look cozier? Of course, they are environmentally safe and pollution free. Glossy and matt coating, bronze and glass decor, let us make the materials look more modern.

Interior lines blending and geometric tracery created a balanced and comfortable atmosphere as a result.

Our customer takes a great interest in languages learning and different cultures studying, that’s why unpredictable fusion style reflects her individuality best. The combination of incompatible things is the basic interior conception realized here.

The first key thing is a compound color scheme. Several color solutions mixed together — sky-blue, gold sandy, milk metallic were chosen as contrast accentual details for different rooms.

The second key is a complex texture: completely different finishing materials and fabrics.
The third is joining part — dark floor. That’s the thing that makes all the rooms into a single whole.
The forth — a complex layout design. Some rooms are separated, other are open space, pursued seamlessly.

As classics suit any time, we realized a classical project in the very heart of the city. Nothing could express the house owners’ status and world views better. To begin with we agreed on the same color solution for all the rooms and kept it for the whole house.

Great attention was paid to the details, emphasizing client’s refinement taste. Furniture, chandeliers, carpets, tableware, textile and other details each of those was based on Zhanna’s drawings and designed in Italy.

Classical interior finishing materials are accompanied by valuable wood spices, rock and Swarovski crystals

This project’s aim is a modern design, performing soothing sandy tones. This design was created here, we decorated it with woodwork at most: ash tree and maple, the difference of the textures, that makes pastel interior conception vivid.

What was the most difficult? To decide what to do with the reinforcing bars, that run through along the whole perimeter of the area, occupying even the centre. Everybody knows that weak points can easily become strong ones with the help of proper presentation.

That’s why we decided not to hide these bars but played them up with the decorations. Here’s another profit — we managed to save high ceiling.

The main customer’s wish was to combine classic and modern styles.

We used fair shades, stucco work, pargeting, chose inlaid marble for classics. Modern style was reflected in the living and dining room joining, so we make it seem visually larger. We placed the bar and made a mirrored corridor. But classics is also here! The space around the bar is patterned with different marble species, the bar itself also belongs to the classic style.

Summing up, the proper decoration choice helped us to make the accommodation cozy and snug.

The aim was to design classically, using the stucco work and complex decorations, but not that bulky at the same time. That’s why we took all the graceful and luxurious elements of the classics — its mirrors, marble mosaic, crystals and carving woodwork.

Irreplaceable classics’ companion is pastel range of colors. The walls were decorated with creamy Venetian plaster and the lot-for-lot parquet, accompanied the plaster with fair shades. Colored chandeliers made of Murano glass become a noticeable accent against the pastel background. The walls in the bedroom were patterned rococo, and the pictures turned out to be the main accents of the study.

What do we have at last? A warm, cozy interior made in classic luxury style.

The creative urge was taken from the client: ‘ We need fair colors classics, with the stucco work and graceful furniture. And with the hints of Italy’

How did we reach the aim? Sandy walls and gold stucco work on the ceiling is the same color gamma. Marble floor matches it, but the pattern makes it contrast with the flat wall surface. Noble bordereaux and emerald furniture textile is a markable accent, that makes the classic style look so trendy.

‘Beauty is in the simplicity’ — says this classic style project. That was the aim, to create something cozy, simply, but with gusto. We decided that the key part of our «gusto» would be the chocolate color — deep and luxury. As a result, we got a warm interior, not patterned much. Gentle blue was chosen for the nursery.

We were properly collecting all the details of the interior, even the bed linen. That’s how we reached the full balance of the atmosphere in the house.



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WE CREATE THINGS YOU DREAM OF We combine our wishes and our experience to make a unique conception. We aim to make your dreams come true in each detail of your house.
3 PLANNING SOLUTIONS OFFERED Your house is the space, that must be the most comfortable for you. We arrange all the elements usable, functional and comfortable. And all that is possible within the framework of concept created!
DESIGN - PROJECT ALLOWS OUR CLIENTS TO SEE THE RESULT EVEN BEFORE THE WORK STARTED We make a 3D model of your house, that includes even the smallest details of the conception created. For example, the pattern of vases in the living room. This step already allows you to know what to expect from the interior.
ALL THE WORK IS DONE ONLY BY OUR STAFF DIRECTLY We’ve got our own building company, work directly with the suppliers, ordering original natural materials from last European collections. All the experts work on your project in full and don't let themselves stray one step from it.
Price offer
  • Photorealistic visualization, all floor plans,
  • Drafts for unusual furniture and constructions
Project cost 50$ for a square meter More information
  • Photorealistic visualization, all floor plans,
  • Drafts for unusual furniture and constructions,
  • Material selection and calculation.
Project cost 75$ for a square meter More information
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  • Photorealistic visualization, all floor plans,
  • Drafts for unusual furniture and constructions,
  • Material selection and calculation,
  • Personal assistance while visiting the Italian factories.
Project cost 100$ for a square meter More information
Oleg Korobov

We bought a flat in a new building, 97 m^2. We were choosing the design studio for a long time and finally chose Premier Decor. It’s really creepy to entrust your future home to anyone, but we took that risk. I was really surprised by the great attention paid to our wishes and whims. The work began as soon as we met the first time. The ideas were developing, we saw everything in the pictures, but, of course, we were nervous. It hard to start the practice part, you know. My wife was pregnant, so sometimes we won’t be able to meet in time, but we always meet half-way. We were working under the ‘author’s supervision’. Finally, we got everything we expected, even the special balcony windows opening system (the guests are admiring it every time ). That’s an incredible feeling of balance — you get the necessary quantity of the plugs, stunningly beautiful Italian plaster. My gratitude to Premier Decor design studio and to Zhanna Karelina for proper method and level of managing. It’s obvious — people here really enjoying the process.
Great thanks,

Oleg Korobov
Юрова Н.В.

Each has ever been faced with the question of repairs, beautification, house and office building. We surely know after that even having enough money, it’s not easy to choose who would be going to do the work.
I thank the leader Zhanna Karelina and all the Premier Decor staff effusively. They made my dream come true: cozy, balanced and functional rational usage.

Юрова Н.В.
Mihov Alexander

We were trying to work with other designers, but we didn’t manage to cooperate well. One day my friend, a chairman, introduced the architect Zhanna Karelina to me. She presented me the conception, that made the house not only brilliantly beautiful but unique. Sometimes we met people that can easily share your world, understand you without saying a word, find the way out for desperate situations. So is Zhanna. Modesty is only a part of her looks. You’ve never seen how she rules the construction works! The best part is in that great attention is paid to the details and each problem was under discussion. The work cost suits me well. Thanks, Zhanna!

Mihov Alexander
Uksibaev Myrzatay

Well organized work and a high qualified staff is the perfect match.
Thank Premier Decor Studio and its leader Zhanna Karelina for design developing and project realization. That was the case when I wasn’t worried about the workers. Everything was made step by step, highly qualified and in time. Competent experts, reasonable prices. All the work was done by one and the same company, it’s pretty convenient. We also entrusted furniture delivery to the company, the result (quality&price) satisfied everyone.

Uksibaev Myrzatay
Kulakov Nikita

I’d like to thank Premier Decor company sincerely for the repairs done in my 3-roomed flat. I ordered ‘Work + Draft Materials’, saved much money and didn’t strain my nerves at all. The repairs were done in time, everything was made conscientious. Special thanks go to construction director Artur Robertovich and architect designer Zhanna Viktorovna. They noticed and then realized perfectly a couple of small, but important technical details, that my designer lost in his project.

Kulakov Nikita
Valentin Shakirov

We are grateful to Premier Decor staff and want to express special thanks to the construction director Artur H. for the highest level of work done, great attention to the details and reasonable approach to questions risen. The quality and work management is at the high point. They take part in external organizations construction work acceptance (air conditioning, door, window installation) and give you the feedback. Your attention will never be distracted by talks about small details. The company tries to solve the problems themselves. The cost is much more above an average on the market, but the price-quality ratio is the best. With a great pleasure, I’d like to recommend this company to my friends.

Valentin Shakirov
Denis Danilin

I’d like to share my cooperation experience with Premier Decor company. In 2012 we asked them to design our flat and do the necessary repairs and decorations. We agreed on project details in 2 months. When the agreements were made and the cost discussed, we signed the construction work treaty. The living space counts 125 meters. Open space planning. The repairs were done in 8 months. Without delay. The best part is that the draft materials cost, the purchase, and delivery was included. I checked the prices several times and made myself sure that sometimes it was cheaper than the lowest market price, that I found on the Internet. They never offer you the sleaze. I really didn’t have enough time to be busy with the material purchasing. When we were doing the draft construction, we managed to buy the most for the finishing.
I checked the work when it was possible to find the time. The repairs were finished on a turn-key basis. They even did the general cleaning. Great thanks go to Zhanna Viktorovna and Artur Robertovich. They not only control the process but took part themselves if it was necessary and watched the compliance with standards. Frequently they suggested better decisions, that weren’t counted when the project was developing. Three years passed. Everything works and nothing went bad. Thanks one more time!

Denis Danilin
Maria Cherkashina

The repairs is a great stress for every person. But my family was very lucky as we got acquainted with Artur Hachatryan, an outstanding person, the construction director of Premier Decor Company. Since that time the phrase ‘we need to do the repairs’ doesn’t mean a trouble, but means the meeting with our old reliable partner. The company helped us to move in 2011, in 2013 we cooperated in dacha repairing, and finally, we did the most complicated repair work in an old house with the wooden ceiling and another difficult reconstruction solutions! i’d like to give a special mark to Zhanna Karelina’s work, her ideas made our interior special and unique and the planning designed is functional and original. Once we need a repair, we do business only with Premier Decor.

Maria Cherkashina
Sailyan Garik Ashotovich

I thank the professional staff that wasn’t afraid of my ideas and fantasies. They not only made my ambitious dreams come true, but also realized my project and helped me with proper advice and technical decisions. Having the plan discussed and agreed, we began to work. I was really surprised by passing the schedule ahead, but the most admirable fact was that they left the flat repaired clean during the working period. I was asking myself the same question. How do they manage to keep the tight schedule and the house tidy? Finally, I got more than I expected.

Great thanks go to the Premier Decor project team, architect designer Zhanna Viktorovna and the construction director Artur Robertovich.

Sailyan Garik Ashotovich

I've been making interiors for 12 years already. By this time more than 70 projects with different levels of sophistication were realized. All of them are unique. doing the business, I always follow my own golden rule: ‘ the more exigent the client is, the better the result’

Not the things, but the people help me to create a special atmosphere. That's why I pay great attention to communication with you.

Stories you've told about your family, world views, tastes, things you are interested in allowing me to see the world from your point of view and share your ideas.
Only then I could create a unique interior, with each detail reflecting your personality and can be useful in achieving your objects.

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